March 28, 2018

Advice From A Legendary British Explorer

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Kelly Klee Staff
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You’ve endured a lot of hardship both physically and mentally over your expeditions and indeed, the course of your life in general. What would you say are the key lessons you’ve taken from those experiences?

"If it’s an expedition to break world records well that’s one thing, but if it’s to raise money for charity then we go for easier targets that have been done many times, like the Eiger or Everest or marathons of whatever. So, there’s two distinct things that we do. Now talking just about trying to break world records, we look to see why the Norwegians or the Canadians or whoever have tried and failed to break that particular record before us; why they didn’t make it. It was very often because they ran into big hardships and started suffering physically and maybe mentally. It wore them down, and if they’d only avoided that particular bit of bad nature or risk – or planned the dates differently so that they wouldn’t be out there when the ultraviolet summer sun is melting the ice – things could have gone more smoothly for them. If they’d done their planning in order to avoid risk then they might have succeeded. So we plan very definitely not to suffer or take risks." -Sir Ranulph Fiennes

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