December 21, 2020

Advice from our CEO

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Kelly Klee Staff
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We started Kelly Klee because of the troubles our founder, Jon Kelly, had when he tried to find high-end insurance coverage. That’s why, from the get-go, Jon’s mission has been to re-invent the insurance-buying process and to deliver an effective, seamless and (dare we say it!) enjoyable experience. 

Successful people deserve protection for what they’ve earned—offering just that is always going to be our top priority, our raison d’etre. Finding insurance in the conventional way can be jarring—endless phone calls, confusing quotes, lackluster coverage. It runs the gamut. Enter: Our passionate and dedicated team who are here to help.

Our advisors are best in class and work hard for your protection, just as you’ve worked hard for your assets. We know the kind of experience you’re looking for because we too have experienced things the “old'' way. While there’s a lot to discuss about insurance, there are three main takeaways that everyone should know. Read on for Jon’s top tips.

Tip #1

“Every successful company must tailor its service level to its typical customer. Think for a minute about how you compare to the typical customer of your insurance company.  Let’s put it this way -- if your insurance company runs ads on football games between Wal-mart and Budweiser, they share the same median customer. Is that you?

Tip #2

Like any other financial service - tax planning, wealth management, or banking, there’s very little correlation between how much you spend and how well served you are.  Find an agent that specializes in people like you, who knows what they are doing, and has modern technology and business processes to ensure that you get the coverage you need and that you get good value.  

Tip #3

If you’re buying insurance because you have assets to protect, focus on the big, potentially devastating issues.  That’s what your insurance is for.  What are those things?  Lawsuits are the big one.  As my partner Bob Klee always asks, how much would you be sued for if you severely injured someone’s child in a car accident?  Underinsured homes are another.  About 2/3rds of the homes in the U.S. are underinsured, some by hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.  Finally, think about your time as well as your money.  If you have a major claim like a lawsuit or home fire, it may take 2 years or more to resolve.  With some companies, you’re fighting for every nickel.  Think about how you want to spend your time.

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