May 25, 2022

Aviation Insurance for Personal Aircraft

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Bob Phillips
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While some Kelly Klee clients enjoy spending time with family and friends on their boat or yacht, we also have clients who appreciate taking off into the wild blue yonder in their personal aircraft. Many use their planes to avoid commercial aircraft travel as they attend to business, while others are “weekend pilots” who enjoy day trips or weekend getaways.

There are five basic types of aviation insurance:

Public liability insurance: covers anything that can be damaged by an aircraft, such as ground support equipment and airport facilities, like hangars. However, the plane itself and anyone inside it is not covered. 

Passenger liability insurance: this coverage protects injured people on board the aircraft. Since not every plane in the air carries passengers, this type of aviation insurance is typically only mandatory for commercial aircraft.

Ground risk hull insurance (not in motion): provides payment for damages sustained by an aircraft when it’s on the ground and not in motion. It covers damages caused by floods, fire, wind, hailstorms, theft, animals, hangar collapse, and uninsured vehicles or aircraft colliding with the insured aircraft.

Ground risk hull insurance (in motion): protects aircraft against physical damage while it is on the ground, but is moving, such as during parking, taxiing, or being towed by an aircraft tug.

In-flight insurance:  covers damages sustained while an aircraft is in motion. Because most aircraft accidents occur while they’re in motion, in-flight insurance is the most expensive aviation insurance.

There are also special insurances for airports, hangars, ground support equipment, maintenance facilities, avionics, and more. 

Coverage Levels and Types of Aircraft Covered

The level of coverage you need will depend on whether your aircraft is being used for commercial purposes or solely for pleasure. Basic coverage generally includes protection for:

  • Physical damage coverage for unmanned aerial vehicle
  • Bodily injury/property damage liability
  • Non-owned physical damage liability
  • Non-owned bodily injury/property damage

Aircraft and pilots/passengers are typically covered by aviation insurance at commercial airports, municipal airports, and private airstrips.

Many different types of aircraft are covered by aviation insurance, including

  • Crop dusting planes
  • Helicopters
  • Seaplanes
  • Drones
  • Vintage aircraft

Trust Kelly Klee for Aviation Insurance

Properly insuring your personal aircraft requires working with an agency that has specialized knowledge and experience with aviation insurance. Kelly Klee offers that to our clientele. We proudly partner with Arlington/Roe, a leader in aviation insurance since 1991.

For help with your aviation insurance, call us today at (844) 885-1600 or get started here. A Kelly Klee specialist will build custom coverage tailored to meet your needs, containing the right options to best protect you and your aircraft in the air and on the ground.

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