March 29, 2018

Get to Know Our Insurers – Hagerty

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Kelly Klee Staff
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Kelly Klee has access to multiple companies that provide private client insurance, but one specializes in two specific offerings—classic car insurance and classic boat insurance.This company is Hagerty Insurance Agency, which was started in 1984 by Frank and Louise Hagerty, married insurance agents who had a difficult time finding the right coverage for their own vintage boats and classic cars.By focusing on classic-car lovers and vintage-boat enthusiasts, Hagerty has quickly gained a large market share among these collectors.Classic CarsThe company has a Private Client Services team and will assign dedicated staff to ensure that the insurance needs for your classic-car collection are being met. Some of the program features include:Automatic Value Increases – The value of each of your insured vehicles will automatically increase 2% each quarter after your policy effective date.Automatic Coverage – When you purchase a new vehicle, it is automatically covered at the same value as the highest-value vehicle that you currently have insured, up to $2.5 million.Limited Collision Deductible Waiver – Up to $2,500 of your deductible is waived if you are involved in a collision that is less than 50% your fault.You can also purchase optional coverage for tools, spare auto parts (beyond the $750 in coverage that is included with your main policy) and automotive collectibles.In addition, Hagerty offers robust coverage for collectors who participate in international car shows or similar events. This can include:Overseas Shipping – By air or by sea, you’ll be protected for both loss and other exposures such as “general average,” a maritime law that makes each individual cargo holder responsible for his or her proportionate loss to a vessel if it is damaged and/or has to jettison its cargo to save the ship.Overseas Touring and Events – You’ll have coverage tailored to the countries you’re visiting with your vehicle that includes protection for physical damage, fire and theft.Vintage BoatsHagerty covers a wide range of vintage boats, including those made of fiberglass, wood and other materials, as well as boat types ranging from runabouts to cruisers to sailboats. The company’s marine coverage includes an Agreed Value feature, which means there is no language that says you’ll be paid “up to” a specific amount. Instead, you and the company will agree on a value when you take the policy out, and you’ll be paid that full amount if there is a total loss.Other special features include:

  • Unlimited Pleasure Usage – There is no mandated winter “lay-up” period where you are not covered, as you might find with other insurance carriers.
  • Unlimited Land Transportation – Your boat is covered on the land whether it is being transported or in storage.
  • Boat Restoration Insurance – This covers fire, theft or vandalism in addition to overland transportation during the period when your boat if being restored.
  • Club Discounts – Discounts apply to members of most established collector boating clubs.

Because Hagerty understands the insurance market for classic cars and boats so well, it can offer premiums that are often lower than those from other companies. And all of the company’s employees and claims adjusters receive training in these specialized areas—they know how to “speak the language” and are familiar with the going rates for replacement parts and repair costs.To look into purchasing insurance coverage from Hagerty, contact Kelly Klee at 844.885.1600 or click here. We’ll help you determine if your vehicles or boats qualify and get you a quote from this leading insurer.*Do you have a classic car or boat and want to find out how much it might be worth? The Hagerty website offers valuation tools that can give you an estimate and help you track pricing trends. Click here for the car estimator and click here for the boat estimator.

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