March 28, 2018

How is Private Client Insurance Sold?

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Kelly Klee Staff
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Properly insuring a high net-worth individual requires more knowledge than a typical insurance agent possesses. It’s not just a matter of getting valuations for property and collectibles right; it’s also knowing what questions to ask to ensure that there are no gaps in coverage.A major benefit of private client insurance is that it offers more comprehensive coverage than what is sold by mass-market insurers. This is true in a couple different ways:

  • Private client insurance policy limits are higher, so more can be covered.
  • Private client insurers require that customers purchase multiple types of policies, which ensures that your coverage is seamless. For example, having an excess personal liability policy with the same insurer that covers your auto means your personal liability kicks in immediately if your auto liability maxes out.

Because private client policies are more complicated and require more attention to detail than mass-market insurance, the products can only be purchased through a broker. This means that the broker-client relationship is just as important as the insurance you decide to purchase. You’ll want to choose a broker with experience, with access to all of the products, and who is there when you need them, no matter when that might be.Kelly Klee’s sole business is selling personal private client insurance. Our experience is vast, we write policies with all five of the major private client insurers, and we always have a licensed expert available to help. We understand our clients’ needs, which is why our agency operates differently than mass-market agents.


FocusKelly Klee is the only national firm focused exclusively on designing private client insurance plans for affluent families. Other brokers who sell private client insurance typically sell other products as well. The vast majority of their revenue comes from commercial policies, with private client insurance viewed as more of an afterthought to help shield business accounts. At Kelly Klee, protecting your home and way of life is our concentration.ExpertiseAll of our Kelly Klee agents have years of industry knowledge under our belts. We understand the insurance needs of successful individuals and will help guide you to make sure your coverages are at the levels they should be.ProductsThe companies that offer private client insurance limit the number of agents that can sell their products. Kelly Klee carries the full roster of companies, so we can compare all of them to provide you with the most competitive quote.ConvenienceWe respect your time. Often, mass-market agents take weeks to develop a proposal and want to force a face-to-face meeting in their office in order to make a sale. Or they promise to save you 15% in just 15 minutes. Neither option is right for the type of client we serve. Kelly Klee uses online tools to turn around proposals in an average of 72 hours, and we’ll send it electronically so you can evaluate it at your convenience. You’ll find that the quality and comprehensiveness of our proposals speaks for itself, and a phone call is all that is needed to answer any remaining questions you may have.AccessibilityWe know that you may have questions outside of normal business hours. Kelly Klee always has an experienced, licensed agent available to assist you, not a call center staffed by professional phone-answerers.ControlThe control is yours. You direct us on how quickly you want to move through the process of assessing your needs and choosing an insurer.PrioritizationOur goal is to provide superior service at every step. We value quality over quantity in order to offer the best possible customer service to our clients.If you are a successful individual, private client insurance may be the right fit for you. We would be pleased to offer you our services to assess your needs and demonstrate the Kelly Klee difference when it comes to shopping for and utilizing insurance. Call us at 844-885-1600 or email to start the process.

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