March 28, 2018

Insurance for the Top 10%

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Kelly Klee Staff
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Are you in the top 10%?It depends on how that figure is defined. According to this calculator on the CNN Money website, people with an annual income of $155,000 or more make it into the top 10% in the U.S. That’s a fair amount of money to make every year. However, if those earners don’t save, they won’t build long-term wealth.A better measure is net worth—totaling all cash, investments, retirement funds and other assets, then subtracting any debt. According to the website Don’t Quit Your Day Job, based on data from the Federal Reserve’s 2013 Survey of Consumer Finances, the top 10% net-worth tier starts right around $1 million in assets. (Click here to see where you rank.)That figure might surprise some as being on the low side. Even those with $2 or $3 million in assets, especially those in expensive metropolitan areas, may not feel that they have that much—a decent home in a nice neighborhood, paid-for vehicles and the ability to send their children to college, but not enough to live a truly extravagant life.Still, if their assets suddenly disappeared, they would certainly feel the loss. This is why having expert insurance advice is so important. An agent who sells mass-market insurance will suffice for those without much in the way of assets. But for those in the top 10%, having the right guidance and protection is a must.Kelly Klee offers customized insurance recommendations for those who don’t live a cookie-cutter life, working only with insurers that specifically serve the higher-net-worth cohort. There are several advantages to this approach:

  • We have the expertise to accurately assess your situation. For example, we’ll recommend enough coverage to rebuild your primary home to its original standards and replace all of your possessions, while also making sure that you aren’t paying too much to cover a vacation home that does not get as much use. We understand risk. It’s very common for the top 10% to be underinsured for excess liability. We will help you calculate the proper amount of coverage to protect your lifestyle.
  • The insurers we work with are selective. Choosing to insure responsible homeowners means there are fewer claims among their customers, which lowers premiums for everyone else in the same pool. Our quality of service is top-notch. Kelly Klee will be a steady support throughout the shopping and purchasing process, and our partner insurers will work hard to please you in the event of a claim in order to retain your business. Should you need an advocate for any reason, your Kelly Klee agent will be by your side.

If you are in the top 10% of net worth, your insurance needs are probably fairly significant, maybe more than you realize. Kelly Klee would be pleased to do a no-obligation assessment of your circumstances and provide you quotes from our reputable, financially sound insurance companies. Please contact us at 844-885-1600 or click here to learn more.

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