September 10, 2020

Introducing The Kelly Klee Mobile App: A New Era in Concierge Insurance

Written by:
Cate Misczuk
Reviewed by:
Jon Kelly, CEO

When it came to releasing our first mobile app, we wanted to do something truly special for our private clients. Sitting down with Kelly Klee CEO Jon Kelly and CTO Jacob Hernandez, we’re taking you behind the curtain and showing you why we wanted to go far beyond the status quo and how we did it.

When we launched Kelly Klee back in 2014, our goal was to leverage smart, intuitive technology to enhance our clients’ experience — not to replace humans with faceless technology or simply to reduce costs. While mass-market insurance companies were focused on automation for cost savings, we focused on the need our private clients have for a personalized, concierge approach. Now with the launch of the first-ever custom mobile app for private client insurance, we’re taking that commitment to bespoke service to a completely new level.

“Most insurance apps are about saving the insurance company money by having do-it-yourself features,” CEO Jon Kelly explained. “When we first started to design the Kelly Klee mobile app, we looked at what big insurance companies were doing and very briefly started down a similar path of automation — then we quickly realized, that’s not what people like about Kelly Klee. So, we did the opposite, and refocused the app on human connection — even naming the home screen “Connect” to make the point clear.

The idea behind the Kelly Klee app was to make our private clients’ lives easier. Breaking the app down into just three sections made it incredibly easy for clients to connect with their concierge advisor, to get the insurance information they need, and to request insurance for new acquisitions in just a few taps. 

By abandoning the notion that an insurance app is about having a customer do the insurance company’s work, our development team was free to think bigger. Instead of thinking of human connection as a barrier to technology, we embraced it. And that is what sparked our biggest breakthrough. “We thought — why not directly tie our phone system to the mobile app?” CTO Jacob Hernandez explained. “This allows our clients to instantly see if their concierge is available in real time instead of wondering whether or not they were available. The app automatically updates to say, ‘call now’ or ‘request a call back.”  

This integration, which is the first of its kind in the industry, is just one example of the philosophy that Kelly Klee was built on — “high tech meets high touch.” “It’s almost like the difference between before Uber or Lyft existed and you used a taxi service,” Hernandez told us. “Remember how much hassle you used to have to go through to get a cab? You had to call a number — sometimes multiple times — tell them where you were, tell them what time to come, wait and hope they showed up. Now you just open your phone and hit a button. We wanted to make it that simple.” 

With that in mind, the Kelly Klee team divided the app into three main sections: Connect, Coverage and Portfolio. Now, our private clients can easily get in touch with their concierge advisor or their roadside assistance provider via Connect or easily access their coverage information via Coverage. The final screen, Portfolio, is where they can see everything they have insured with us — homes, cars, wine, art, boats, motorcycles, collectibles, and watches.

Finally, our team wanted to make it incredibly easy for our private clients to request coverage for newly acquired items. So, we built an entirely new structure for this, too. “The Portfolio section was an incredibly interesting technology adventure,” Kelly admitted. “For years, insurance companies and ‘insurtech’ startups have delivered apps that allow you to insure your bike or even your car, but no one has tried to tackle the scope and breadth of portfolios that our private clients have.” 

We quickly realized we needed to build a system that supported these high-end items but also displayed them in a way that was accessible and elegant — allowing our clients to see their luxury watches alongside their cars, homes and their other valuables. “With the Kelly Klee app, it can be a $5 million house, a $100,000 car or a $10 Million Picasso — all you have to do is take photos of it and tell us about it to request coverage. It’s as simple as that,” Kelly told us. 

All Kelly Klee clients can now access their accounts via the mobile app via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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