March 28, 2018

The Right Candidates for Private Client Insurance

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Kelly Klee Staff
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Plenty of mediocre insurance companies cover average homes and vehicles. Far fewer offer the superior coverage needed by those with high-value homes, luxury cars and a high net worth that could be seriously dented or wiped out by a lawsuit because of inadequate policy amounts. This latter type of coverage is known as private client insurance.

Similarly, while there are plenty of insurance brokers who can get quotes for typical policyholders, Kelly Klee is one of the relative few with access to the small pool of private client insurers that write policies for high-end consumers. Kelly Klee is also staffed by expert coverage advisors with the knowledge to offer those in this special category the sound and thorough advice needed to make well-considered insurance decisions.

So is Kelly Klee the right insurance advisor for you? Every week, Kelly Klee refers insurance customers that don’t fit our client profile to other companies. How do you know if you are a candidate for private client insurance?

Here are some guidelines that apply to most Kelly Klee clients:

Own a High-End Home

This is determined by replacement cost, but generally speaking it would be over 3,000 square feet & a nicer quality home.

Only One Claim

Over the course of the past five years, our clients have typically made one or no homeowners claims.

Need Umbrella Coverage

Also called excess liability coverage, this protects assets beyond your insured property that could be the target of a lawsuit.

Willing to Bundle Multiple Policies

Our insurers prefer clients who bundle all or most of their insurance. Separate policies within a bundle can include: high-value homeowners, automobile, boat, specialty vehicle (such as motorcycles, recreational vehicles and/or golf carts), and valuable collections (everything from jewelry to art to wine).

Average to Excellent Credit

If you meet many or all of these criteria, you may be well served by a consultation with a Kelly Klee representative. We can get you quotes on high-value home insurance, luxury car insurance, umbrella insurance, valuable collections insurance and more. And our services are always confidential and convenient. (Click here to read an article about our extensive data security system.) Call us at 844.885.1600 or click here to contact one of our expert agents.

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