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Protect your special items with a valuables and collections policy

Kelly Klee’s valuable collection insurance gives you access to the type and amount of insurance coverage for possessions that is not available from mass-market carriers. This type of protection is in addition to the standard coverage for your belongings offered by home insurance. Collection insurance will cover all of your special items—like jewelry, paintings and sculptures, fine china and sport or wine collections.

If you lose one diamond earring from an exquisite pair, it can be replaced with a gem of comparable quality. If your fine art is damaged, it can be restored. Or, if an item is lost, stolen or restoration or replacement is not possible due to its condition, you will be compensated for your loss.

What is valuables and collections insurance?

Protection beyond standard valuables and collections insurance policies

Kelly Klee understands that your best jewelry, artwork and other collectibles may be among your most precious possessions, often for reasons that have nothing to do with their monetary value. Covering them through valuable personal property insurance provides not only compensation, but also peace of mind about your cherished personal property.

Collecting vintage or antique items has never been more popular. With the proliferation of websites dedicated to collectors, finding valuable pieces to start or add to a collection can be done securely and privately from the comfort of your own home.

As a collection increases in value, verifying what type of coverage you have for valuables through your homeowner’s insurance policy is imperative. Most mass marketers of homeowner’s insurance place low limits on valuables or exclude coverage for many types of valuables.

If you have a valuable collection of jewelry, artwork, sculptures, wines, sports collectibles, fine china, or other items valued at over $2,000, you need to acquire separate valuable collection insurance.

How Kelly Klee is Different

A special class of coverage

Kelly Klee offers coverage not available through mass-market insurance


Pays the market value of an insured item up to 150 percent of the scheduled amount, which allows for appreciation over time


Provides automatic dollar- or percent-levels of coverage (if you already have coverage on a collection) for any newly acquired similar items for up to 90 days, giving you time to add a new item to your coverage schedule


Reimburses you for an entire pair or set if one item is lost, damaged or stolen, and you surrender the matching item(s)—or you can opt to accept a comparable replacement, if available


Covers losses due to breaks or fractures of delicate items

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What does valuables and collections insurance cover?

Coverage for your most precious possessions

Kelly Klee represents insurers specializing in assisting private clients, such as Chubb, AIG, PURE, and Cincinnati, and others who work closely with affluent clients. As a result, we can craft a coverage plan that will provide you with the valuable collection insurance you need and the peace of mind that goes with it.

Our clients have coverage that:

  • Pays the market value of an insured item up to 150 percent of the scheduled amount
  • Provides automatic dollar or percent-level coverage if you have existing coverage on a collection and acquire a new or similar item 
  • Reimburses you for a pair of items if only one of the items is lost, damaged, or stolen
  • Covers breaks or fractures of delicate items

Check out the additional coverage available for valuables and collections:

Kelly Klee
Standard Market
Worldwide protection
Typically unavailable
Articles of others
Included if the class is already covered on the policy; up to $1 million
Market appreciation
Included; up to 150% of market value
Unavailable; cost to repair or replace
Newly acquired property
Included for up to 90 days; up to 25% per class
Lesser amount of 25% per class or $10,000
Damage from earthquake, windstorm and flood
Included; limited
Coverage in transit and on exhibition
Diminution in value coverage for partial loss
Collection management and loss prevention consultation

How much valuables and collections coverage do you need?

High net worth families have more to lose

Take the time to document your collection and include each item’s name, date it was purchased, the amount paid, and any other details you deem important. Be sure to photograph each item.

Store your documentation and photographs in a fireproof box or safety deposit box. As you add to your collection, keep the receipts and put them with your other documents. If you’ve had any prior appraisals, put those in your box, too.

Some collectibles are difficult to assign a value to but can be done by an experienced collectibles appraiser. To find an appraiser knowledgeable about rare or unique collectibles, inquire from other collectors at events, such as expositions or auctions where items similar to yours are being displayed or sold.

Never allow someone to appraise your collection and then make you an offer on any piece or pieces. Legitimate appraisers work independently and don’t engage in this type of conflict of interest.

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Who has the best Valuables and Collections insurance? 

If you qualify, private client insurance carriers offer the best protection

Private client insurance is specifically designed for individuals who have more to protect—either in quantity, value, or both—it is only offered by select carriers that specialize in serving the high-end market. Coverage is comprehensive, limits are higher and there are more features when compared to typical mass-market insurance products.  

Chubb Insurance logo

If the market value of an item before a loss exceeds the amount of coverage, Chubb pays up to 150 percent of the amount itemized on your policy to account for increases in market value.

AIG logo

AIG offers worldwide coverage that responds to damage from fire, theft, earthquake, flood, and breakage—with no deductible.

PURE Member Advocates have been known to search tirelessly for replacements for lost or damaged items, whether that meant scouring auction sites, locating a jeweler on a remote island or commissioning a new piece from a well-known artist.

With Cincinnati’s newly acquired items coverage, receive protection for up to 90 days on newly acquired items when not yet added to the policy.

Kelly Klee works with all of the most prestigious private client insurance companies.