Chubb Speaks the Language of High Net Worth Individuals & Families
At Kelly Klee, we specialize in helping successful and accomplished high net worth individuals and families with their insurance needs. We only offer the very best coverage and service, which is why Chubb is a company we recommend to our high net worth (HNW) clients. They’re the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty company because of their superior insurance solutions and unparalleled claims service that our HNW clients expect.

Chubb has operations in 54 countries and territories and takes its role as a global citizen very seriously. They’re committed to “driving positive change and making a long-term impact in communities around the world.” Like Kelly Klee, Chubb provides an environment where all employees can realize their full potential and thrive in their careers.

Our respect and admiration for Chubb are not only due to them setting an exceptional example for all global companies, but also because of their commitment to providing world-class insurance products.

Let’s look at a couple of unique features that set their high-value home and high-value auto insurance apart.

High-Value Home Insurance

Chubb went above and beyond when they designed their homeowners coverage. These are just a few of the highlights:

Replacement Cost Coverage Chubb’s commitment is to rebuild or restore a policyholder’s home after a covered loss, even if the cost of doing so exceeds the policy limits, which could include upgrades required to keep current with modern building codes.

Cash Settlement Option Not everyone wants to rebuild, or rebuild in their current location. If that’s the case, Chubb offers client’s a cash settlement, up to the policy’s limits.

Suitable Temporary Living Arrangements Many companies will pay for temporary living arrangements, but they may not be deemed suitable by HNW clients. Chubb assists policyholders in finding a similar home to stay in after a covered loss during a rebuild, or a suitable hotel if preferred.

High-Value Auto Coverage

As a company that serves HNW individuals and families, Chubb isn’t worried as much about “bundling” as they are about white-glove coverage, services, and perks, such as:

Generous Rental Reimbursement Coverage – Insureds can rent a vehicle of the same quality as they usually drive while their car is being repaired after an accident. There’s no per-day limit; clients are reimbursed up to $15,000 of their rental costs

Worldwide Rental Car Coverage – a Chubb auto policy extends to rental car damage anywhere in the world, and includes worldwide auto liability coverage for damage caused to others

Lease Gap Coverage – If a leased car is stolen or totaled, Chubb covers the dollar amount left on the lease, including early termination fees and forfeited security deposits

Ultra-High Limits – Insureds can choose up to $10 million in liability insurance and uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance

Great coverage starts with a plan.

How to get Started


Get started by filling out our easy-to-use and follow online application — it's secure and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Our specialized coverage advisors will handle the rest! They will start by shopping the market for you based on your unique needs and will make recommendations.

We deliver you a custom plan with clear recommendations. You get to choose what options work best for you!

Why Kelly Klee Chose Chubb

Chubb sees the people they serve as more than a claim; they see them as valued clients. They exemplify this in many ways; these are two of them:

They look for ways to say “Yes.” Chubb adjusters respond to claims within 24 hours, and once a claim is approved, payment is issued within 48 hours.

They look for ways to do more. Chubb partners with Wildfire Defense Services to protect clients from the danger of wildfires. They help keep their clients’ homes safe by clearing brush and applying fire-retardant gel.