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Membership Has Its Privileges
You joined your private club because of the many benefits of membership. Creating professional and social connections with your peers across other industries and organizations; enjoying the club’s ambiance and service to its members are motivators that got you there, and keep you there.

PURE Insurance also offers its members the exclusivity that people who have more desire and deserve. PURE, a member of the PURE Group of Insurance Companies, is a leading property and casualty insurer established in 2006 and caters to high net worth individuals and families.

Kelly Klee presents the PURE insurance product line to our clients not only because of the high-quality protection they provide, but also because of PURE’s fierce determination to provide their members with the highest level of service possible, something we both have in common.
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High-Value Home Insurance

PURE protects homes valued at $1 million or more. Their coverage includes:

  • Guaranteed replacement cost. Your home will be rebuilt in like kind and quality, even when the actual cost to rebuild exceeds your coverage limits.

  • Replace, rebuild, or receive a cash settlement. If a fire or other event destroys your home, you have options. You can stay in place and replace or rebuild, or use a cash settlement to construct a new dream home anywhere you choose.

  • Proactive risk prevention. To provide you with maximum discounts, PURE Risk Managers recommend ways to make your home safer. They help members implement any changes, from selecting the right vendor to scheduling the appointment.

  • And much more.

Personal Excess Liability

Your assets and unique lifestyle expose you to an increased number of liability risks from such factors as owning multiple homes, having domestic staff, driving high-performance vehicles, and more. Being targeted for lawsuits threatens your existing wealth, future earnings, and your family’s generational wealth. This umbrella coverage provides coverage for:

  • Not for profit director’s and officer liability
  • Domestic employment practice liability
  • Uninsured motorist and uninsured personal liability

PURE’s pricing for this coverage has shown a savings of 65% for members who purchase limits above $10 million.


Automobile Insurance

PURE provides comprehensive coverage for regularly used vehicles, antique cars, luxury motorhomes, motorcycles, and golf carts – all on one policy.

PURE automobile insurance also includes Agreed Value. If you suffer a total loss, PURE will pay the Agreed Value stated on your policy, and with no deductible. In addition, if you have an outstanding loan or lease, PURE will pay the difference.

Watercraft Insurance

Whether it be a sailboat, luxury yacht, or other type of watercraft, a comprehensive Watercraft policy provides coverage for a variety of cruising itineraries in both domestic and international waters.

Fraud and Cyber Defense Insurance

As a high-net-worth individual, your risk of being targeted for fraud and cybercrime is high, and it’s increasing. PURE Starling is an endorsement to their homeowner’s policy that protects you against covered losses caused by online or offline fraud and cybercrime, including cryptocurrency, forgery, and more.
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