A Modern Insurance Experience

When you think of automobile manufacturers like Ford and General Motors, you probably think of companies that have been around for what seems like forever.

Then along came Tesla.

When you think of older household name property and casualty insurance companies, you probably think of the mass market insurance companies who run all of the countless, repetitive ads during sporting events.

Then along came Vault.


Who is Vault Insurance?

Vault is a relative newcomer on the roster of property and casualty insurance companies that target high net-worth individuals. Founded in 2017 and based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Vault was founded by a group of former AIG executives, including Charles Williamson, the former president of AIG Private Client, and other successful executives who are established veterans of the insurance industry.

What Makes Vault Different?

The founders of Vault wanted to come to the high-end property and casualty market with something different, and they indeed did. They are building the company around a partnership known as a “reciprocal insurance exchange.”

The exchange brings together an exclusive group of families who share similar assets and lifestyles. This allows Vault to offer preferred pricing and sustained premiums; no mass marketing – no catastrophic losses.

The unique feature that differentiates Vault is its Member Rewards Program. During years when the company’s balance sheet shows a surplus, Vault distributes it back to the membership during profitable years. We’re not aware of any other insurers catering to the affluent who have such a practice.


Vault Coverages

Vault has developed a product line that Kelly Klee is proud to recommend to our clients. They offer:

  • High-value homeowners coverage
  • High-end automobile coverage
  • Collections coverage
  • Excess liability coverage
  • Vault custom coverage

All of the benefits you expect in coverages for highly successful individuals and families are there. And, in some cases – even more.

For example, the high-value homeowner's insurance will waive a deductible of $25,000 or lower if an approved claim exceeds $50,000, and deductible options go all the way up to $250,000.

Vault’s collections coverage features a ‘Pair-and-Set Clause,’ which gives the insured several options if there is a loss of one piece of a set, including the surrender of the remaining item and receiving the full scheduled value of the pair.

You’ll also find their rates highly competitive for rarely worn jewelry kept in a bank vault or safety deposit box.

Vault custom coverage offers all of the same Vault benefits to owners of a home that requires additional protection and flexibility.

One example of extra protection is the ‘Trust and LLCs’ benefit. If the entity's sole purpose is ownership in a home, coverage is afforded to that entity, even if it’s not listed.

If you’re interested in discovering how Vault compares to your current policies, call us today at (844) 885-1600 or get started here. Our experienced advisors will create a custom plan that ensures you’re fully covered at a very competitive price.

Great coverage starts with a plan.

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